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Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle, Fleet and Boat Wraps and Decals

Need to attract new customers? A great way to draw customers to your business is to advertise by wrapping your car or even your fleet of cars. By advertising your business using your car or fleet, you create a mobile billboard that creates thousands of impressions per mile.

Wraps are not just limited to highway vehicles. Other applications include motorcycles, trailers, snowmobiles, jet-skis, boats, etc.

Magnetic Signs
Promote your brand or business with vehicle magnets. These custom magnets can be created from your own designs, or have us design one for you. Simply attach to your car and promote your business everywhere you go.

FAQs On Wraps:

Q. Does vehicle advertising even work?
A. We're so glad you asked! Yes, yes it does. Getting an advertising vehicle wrap is actually one of the most effective (and cost-effective) ways to market your business. Think about it, if you wrap your company car, then you'll drive it to work, park it at a restaurant at lunch, cruise on over to the gym or pick up your dry cleaning after work, and then back home to your neighborhood. Everyone you drive past while you do these things, or who sees your parked car, is exposed to your ad. If you work a job that requires you to visit different job sites during the day, like plumbing or landscaping, then you're going to get even more marketing impressions with your car. If you are driving in a large city, your vehicle ad has the chance to be seen by 30,000 people a day! Studies have shown that people notice and remember advertisements on vehicles better than with any other type of advertising. Plus, for the thousands of people guaranteed to see your ad, you are only paying pennies per person.

Q. Will getting a wrap put on my vehicle ruin the paint?
A. It shouldn't if it is maintained with regular cleanings. A full-coverage wrap can actually protect your vehicle's factory paint job by covering it from weather, scratching, and UV damage. If you choose to get only a portion of your vehicle wrapped, you may get some fading where the original paint job is exposed while the paint under the graphics will remain vibrant.

Q. How much is this going to cost me?
A. It all depends on what you want. The price of your vehicle wrap is based on how much material will be used and how much labor it will take to get it wrapped. So, sticking a logo on the side of a truck is going to be much cheaper than completely covering a tour bus. It also depends on your design requirements, how complexly shaped the vehicle you want wrapped is, the condition of your vehicle, if you want your windows and roof covered, and how long you want the wrap to last.

Q. Is there anything I should do to prepare my vehicle for a wrap?
A. Make sure your car is clean and the paint is in good condition. Some people think that a color change wrap is the solution to covering up paint that is cracked, peeling or oxidized. This isn't the case. Wrap films and vinyl adheres best to smooth surfaces and fits to the vehicle like a glove, so any imperfections can keep the vinyl from laying properly and the texture may still be seen through the wrap. This may seem pretty obvious, but don't wax your car before you take it in to get wrapped. Any oil or residue will act as a barrier between the vehicle's surface and the wrap. We wipe vehicles down with isopropyl alcohol (regular rubbing alcohol) to remove any grease or oils on the surface.

Q. Can I get temporary wraps or graphics?
A. Yes you can! There are types of vehicle wrapping vinyls and films with a less aggressive adhesive that allow for temporary graphics to be put on your vehicle. You can also get digitally printed magnets to advertise your company on vehicles if you are looking for something that's very easy to take on and off.

Q. How long will my wrap last?
A. A vehicle wrap can last between three and six years, depending on how well you take care of it. Generally, if you are pretty good at maintaining your vehicle anyway, then it won't be much different maintaining a car wrap. Wash it by hand using a solution of water and a mild detergent (the machinery inside of automatic car washes can damage or lift the vinyl), and be careful where you park; for instance, under a tree that's dripping sap or houses a lot of birds might not be the best place to keep it.


We got them, they look great and are being given out at their booth! Thank you, and the whole team at KKP for delivering these, even in the fantastic weather we’re having, on such short notice!
-Jordan Leroux, Communications Coordinator
Ontario Shores Centre
KKP has provided me with great products that we use in trade shows and for our valued customers. The quality is always top notch, and their turnaround is incredibly fast. Products ordered: branded Cross pens, branded Bic pens, business cards, branded microfiber cloths, various print-outs for invitations and seminars.
-Andrew Gluck